Search jobs on LinkedIn and set alerts

  • Search by criteria like job title, location, remote work, industry, or company.
  • Get alerts when a new job matches your search, so you can be the first to apply.
  • Go to the urgent jobs section on Jobs homepage to see companies that have open roles that match your skills.
An illustrated product screenshot of a list of job posts on the right and a more detailed job post on the left. You can see the company’s name, logo, job title, location, and “Save” and “Apply” buttons.

Update your LinkedIn profile to stand out

  • Snap and upload a current and clear photo to your profile.
  • Spotlight your experience and skills using keywords for jobs you’re interested in.
  • Show recruiters and hiring managers you’re open to new opportunities with the prompt at the top of your profile page.
A close-up of a Caucasian woman’s face looking at the camera. A big 21x above “Having a photo can result in 21x more profile views."

Start with family and friends

Add people who are around you in your everyday life to your network. You never know if a friend is connected to someone who works at a company that’s hiring.

Reach out to past coworkers or classmates

If you’ve added your school, experiences, or organizations to your LinkedIn profile, you can see former classmates and co-workers to connect with on the My Network page or by using Search.

Ask for a referral

On LinkedIn, applicants are nearly 4x more likely to get a job at a company where they have connections. When you reach out to your network, remind them how you know them and why you’re a good fit.

An Asian man standing over a sink next to an Asian woman sitting down at the counter working on a laptop.
The back of a younger woman sitting at a table with a notebook having a video call on a laptop computer. The laptop screen shows the face of a smiling Caucasian woman with short brown hair.

Topics include:

  • Recovering from a layoff
  • How to manage feeling overwhelmed
  • Writing a resume
  • Digital networking strategies
  • Video interview tips